I love many things - the ocean, traveling, and my family. I married my best friend in May of 2018 and we are currently expecting our first child in April of 2019!

When I’m not behind the camera, editing, or running my business, you can find me binge watching random Netflix shows, hanging at the beach, hiking with my friends, running, jamming out to music, and planning road trips.. I'm also slightly addicted to Oreos and orange tic-tacs (definitely not at the same time)!

I fell in love with this life and how fulfilling it is to meet new couples and families and capture their love. To give clients photographs that they will have forever is the biggest honor in the world.

I believe every couple has their perfect fit for a photographer. You should never ever feel like your photographer is just another distant wedding vendor. That will never be how I work.

We become friends, always. I want to get to know you from the first time you email me. I wanna learn about you, your love story, how you guys met, your favorite music, things you love to do as a family, etc. Nothing is more amazing than showing up the morning of your big day as if we have been friends forever.

I want to capture every single insanely passionate, giggly, happy, quiet, silly, intimate, spontaneous moment between you two. It’s the candid moments that I love to shoot most!


I was born and raised in Massachusetts and love it (although winters can be a little brutal HA!). Most of my family is from New York/New Jersey (but don’t worry, no Yankees fans in this crowd!) but my parents decided to move to Massachusetts just before I was born. Naturally, I’m a huge Red Sox fan and love New England. Seriously, is there anywhere more beautiful in the fall?!

And South Carolina, too? YES! My mother has lived in South Carolina for the last 13 years and it’s a second home to me. While I would love to move south to be closer to her, for now I’ll settle with visiting! Luckily, it’s a fairly short plane ride!


I love traveling! A few of my favorites from the past are Italy, Canada, San Antonio, Nashville, and Venice Beach. If you’re planning a wedding and love my work, I'm always up for an adventure! My passport is ready to collect some new stamps!

Let's start this adventure!!!